Legal Page

This page is about the way 'domain barista' (we) does business with 'you'.

Buying a domain name from this site means you agree to all of this page. It's in plain English but is still legal.

Remember that thousands of domain names are bought and sold every day without problems. We expect that both sides will conduct themselves in good faith. 

Firstly, we only deal in quality domain names and have no interest in any other business. No websites, no passing off, no silly or confusing misspelt names and, as far as we know, no residual matters that could cause problems. Domain names only and nothing else. 

Secondly, we're sure you know that identical or similar business names can be used in different markets. As we won't know what market you'll use the name for, your business may come into conflict with others and therefore it's your responsibility to make sure you're covered. In the same way, you or your lawyers shall not try to 'grab' the name because you thought we were 'misusing' your 'valuable' name. We make extensive searches before buying any domain names. At the time of initial purchase the names were free and therefore we have prior rights. Don't try to get them for nothing, and remember, it'll always be cheaper to buy the name than pay your lawyers to make an expensive point.

Thirdly, we'll both agree to confidentiality in all parts of the transaction. That's good for both of us. In the interests of disclosure, the 'whois' data currently shows Keith Brook's name, a partner in this business. When it's transferred to you, if you want anonimity, you'll have to set up a registrar account either with a proxy name or with privacy enabled. We use Moniker and GoDaddy. We suggest you do the same to ensure a seamless transaction. 

Fourthly, the transaction will be handled by ''. They're the most established escrow company on the Internet. You pay the escrow fee. If the transaction is for $1000 or less and you're prepared to trust us, then you can use standard international bank transfers to the UK. Fifth. Once you pay the sale amount into, we'll be happy for you to have a 10 day 'Inspection' period to make sure you're happy with the whole deal. In the same way that you can pull out of the transaction in that time, so can we. Although unlikely, if we're offered a better price in that period, we'll consult you first to check you wish to continue.